According to ancient philosophy, your basic constitution is determined by your "pre - natal ki". Any obvious abuse of the body, such as long term overwork, late nights, etc., depletes it. With the help of our body work methodology, using the acupressure points on meridians throughout the entire body (SHIATSU), channeling to the universal healing energy (REIKI ), opening energy pathways with feet and hands reflexology, we will rebalance your body's energy as well as mind and spirit.

POLARITY  is a great back bone to the healing arts in general. It is the science and understanding of Life energy principles applied to healing and life. Polarity often helps to honor and liberate the energies heretofore repressed or compressed.

An ongoing and dynamic balance of life energy is our foundation for health and well-being. Polarity Therapy helps us to develop this balance by promoting the flexibility, creativity, and clarity necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life.

60 minute massage incorporated with Polarity techniques $140

 CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY  is based on the concept that our bodies  have innate  healing abilities and there is a way to tap into this. In cranial we believe that that intelligence originates from the core of the brain and spine, which is filled with celebrospinal fluid, and radiates throughout the body.

Craniosacral offers light yet profound manipulations of the hard and soft tissues of the skull, spine and pelvis to unblock restrictions of nerve passages that assists the flow of cerebrospinal fluid . Therapy guides the practitioner to develop palpation skills from light to deep to help the craniosacral system open. Which can facilitate deep relaxation, greater energy and pain relief.

60 minute massage & 30 minute Craniosacral therapy $180


VORTEX HEALING is an energetic healing modality. The intent of which is to release us  from our conditioning on every level, returning us to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that vibrant health can prevail and we can begin to awaken to the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature.

30 min. $60

 60 minute massage & Vortex Healing $160

SHIATSU: is a form of physical therapy that originated in Japan and involves pressure on the acupuncture points in order to balance the body's energy.
60 min. $90


30 min. $40
an ancient methodology based on the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears that correspond to organs and systems throughout the body.

30 min. $40  "Great addition to a whole body massage."

is a holistic approach to remove the body's toxins, to reduce swelling of lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage is believed to reduce blockage, which promotes health in lymphatic system as well as other bodily systems such as the circulatory, respiratory, muscular, and endocrine systems.

60 min. $80


30 min. $40

"also known as cupping" Chinese medicine is based on the theory that ki runs through the body's meridians, and illness is a result of misdirected or blocked ki. The cups placed over specific points on the body are believed to redirect the ki, relive pain.

30 min. $40

is a centuries-old Japanese healing treatment. Universal healing energy is channeled to the areas of the body where it is most needed. results can be a sense of deep peace and greater mental clarity.

30 min. $40

SVETA'S SIGNATURE MASSAGE includes elements of all massages and bodyworks combined.
100 min. $150