"I knew from the moment Svetlana (Sveta ;-O ) first layed her hands on me that I was in the presents of a true healing talent. Having been a ballet dancer for 14 years and then a Body worker myself for the past 20 years I have had my share of massages. (Even had Baryshnikov's massage therapist has work on me) What make's Sveta's unique bodywork so special is that she combines multiple massage techniques which are wonderful and then includes Reiki and Lymph drainage as well.] She also has "the gift" of healing touch to begin with is something that can't be taught. I highly recommend Sveta and use her regularly as my massage therapist" JG, Cranio-Sacral Therapist,Yoga Instructor, CPT. NYC www.gurugarro.com  


If you ask me to describe Sveta's work in word, the only word that comes to mind is "magic." Sveta's work isn't just a massage , reiki or therapy- it is truly a healing experience. When i leave her cabinet i feel for lack of a better word a "replenished". I get the kind of energy from her sessions that is difficult to quantify or qualify, it makes me feel not only better it makes me feel repaired, it makes me feel that Sveta's healing abilities is already something that i would want to have in my life for as long as she is willing to share. --

                   Best Regards,
                   Igor Oytser
                   O. 718.759.6588
                   M. 917.476.1502

"Svetlana is an excellent massage therapist! This was the most soothing and most relaxing massage I have ever had! For an hour, that seemed to pass by much too quickly, Svetlana's hands worked their way deep into my muscles. Applying just the right amount of pressure, her massage relaxed me and relieved all of the stress that I had built up and was carrying in my shoulders and lower back. I also especially enjoyed the head and face massage. The entire massage was so soothing and enjoyable, I didn't want it to end. I could have stayed on that table all afternoon."

K. A. Ryce-Paul  


I know you for a number of years as an excellent massage specialist and a dear friend and when you went to explore new things in your practice i was always encouraging. That was before I've heard from you about vortex healing, that sounded a bit too far fetched.
When you said you'll apply it to my badly cramped calf muscle last week I didn't think it would hurt although still ignorant of powers of vortex and willing to try anything to tame the pain. What cracked me up was when you said you could heal remotely.
When the pain still persisted the next day i texted you asking for healing, more out of pain than believe it would work. After all it didn't go away completely when you were hands on the day before... Surprisingly, shortly after you said you sent the signal the cramp felt better. I thought it might be a coincidence and didn't think twice. The day after when the pain returned i asked you again and again it felt better after you responded. Today again the same story but i went on to read more about it. I still believe that's alot of it might be in my head but this vortex healing definitely makes a difference. It made a difference in how my cramp felt before and after the healing signal came. I'm yet to learn more how it works but I'm not skeptical any longer.

Thank you for helping with my pain and more importantly with educating me abou vortex healing.

Best regards,