A Russian masseur with classic massage training. trained at the Center for Training and Development masseurs
1987 St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Shiatsu. 1998 New York, USA

Natural Healing ki-Touch Health School 2000 New York, USA

Lymphatic drainage. 2009 New York, USA

Reiki. Level 3. 2010 - -2011 Advanced class, New York, USA

Polarity Training : Gary Strauss class march, 2012 New York, USA

Craniosacral unwinding I, II, III - Gary Strauss class October 2012 - July 2013

Vortex Healing: Level 1 March, 2012 
                                  Level 2 October 201
Intensive Polarity  Healing Art: Gary Strauss class October 2013

Working in medical office in pain management - 14 years up to the current time.