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    "Throughout my life, my two greatest passions have been construction and computers. Two Fields that are in essence what I was born to do, Iíve been involved in construction for well over 35 years and with computers for the last 28 years. I combined these two disciplines to fulfill the needs of my never ending inquisitive mind. The beauty of it is that when I am working full time in one I will be doing the other as a way to relax. So you can say that I never worked for I fully enjoy what I do for a living. I believe that until you discover your ďfire withinĒ you will remain condemned to a life only endured, not lived; to delicacies only tasted, not devoured; to joys only imagined, not experienced. And in old age you will lament the days of your youth, when fears about money and security kept you from taking the leaps of faith and courage in the direction of your dreams. A life lived in moderation is not the stuff of stories told to grandchildren with a twinkle in your eye. Iím driven by creativity, passion, freedom and development as well as to impress, be first, brilliant an attractive."

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    593 Riverside Drive,
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